Livre Aquarelle

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Livre Aquarelle lg

In this magnificent
197 pages book, Annie Chemin offers us both a comprehensive overview and a snapshot of watercolor in France today. It also  presents a gallery of over two hundred and seventy five paintings and a  directory of watercolor painters and of the major events dedicated to the medium in France.

75 artists are featured :
Lélie Abadie, Odile Alliet, Patrick Amorsi, Georges Artaud, Claude Bénézech, Annie Chemin, Hubert Coatleven, Jean-François Contremoulin, Jérôme Cossé, Françoise Deberdt-Bernard, Evelyne Delfour, Maryse De May, Gilles De Poli, Serge Di-Méo, Jean Dotaro, Claudine Ducaroir, Gilles Durand, Michel Duvoisin, Daniel Estrade, Simon Fletcher, Marc Folly, Patrick Fouilhoux, Janine Gallizia, Philippe Gavin, Nicole Gawsewitch, François Gervereau, Christian Graniou, Thierry Grosfilley, Sylvie Guillot, Annie Hovanessian, Michel Ignazi, Dan Jacobson, Vincent Jeannerot, Christiane Juan, Cyrille Jubert, Ewa Karpinska, Kelsy, Charles Kérivel, Michel King, Jean Lacalmontie, Martine Laforce, Claude Lepage-Racine, Jean-Loup Liétard, Annie Madec, Mantis, Reno Marca, Marie-Gilles, Serge Marko, Catherine Mithouard, Marie-Line Montécot, Michel Montigné, Marie-Claire Moudru, Odylle, John Pendray, Olivier Philippot, Pascal Pihen, Reine-Marie Pinchon, Corinne Poplimont, Fabienne Quinsac, Jean-Pierre Rault, Michèle Reynier, Hubert Riff, Robbie, Catherine Roque-Benoit, Jean-Marc Scotti, Françoise Selezneff, Tim Smith, Marie-Hélène Stokkink, Johu Thiam, Jean-Louis Thibaut, Monique Thiéblemont, Philippe Vanderberghe, Van Tame, Ulrich Wagner, Anne Zenatti.

This book is not only rich in diversity of painting styles and themes explored, but it also offers us an opportunity to discover the artists through what they have to say about their art.

(in French)

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